About Jared Weber

   I've always had a love for nature. Watching the sunset in a quiet and remote location surrounded by wildflowers and towering peaks could be described as my personal utopia. For the past 15 years I've worked outdoors in a family owned business as a landscaper in our small midwestern town of Newburgh, IN. Throughout that time I've been able to take several long distance backpacking trips, some taking the span of months to complete. These trips have taken me across over 16 states and 4 countries, totaling a distance of over 6000 walking miles on national scenic and other various trails while carrying everything I need to survive on my back. I've been lucky to be able to witness some of the most incredibly beautiful scenes, in often extremely remote and hard to get to locations, with lighting and weather unique to that specific moment in time and place.

   I had always tried to capture the essence of these scenes with whatever camera I had with me at the time, wether it be a small point and shoot or a cellphone, only to soon discover I wasn't able to capture the scene how exactly how I was able to experience it. Learning advanced photography techniques with professional cameras and the most recent technology enabled me to be able to document these often rare scenes and share them with others in a way that closest represents how one would experience them if they were actually there. These small moments in time when the weather and light come together are experiences so fleeting, it holds a special place within me to be able to freeze the moment in time through photography and share the beauty of nature with others.


About Jared's Photography

   The motivation in my pursuit of photographing nature lies in the special moments I've been able to spend outdoors and the beautiful scenes I can share to potentially inspire others to step into wild places and find beauty in simplicity. I also want to emphasize simplicity - not all of the most beautiful scenes require the effort of backpacking hours, or even days through remote wilderness areas to get to while carrying everything you need on your back. I also want to show through my photography that beauty can be captured in the most unassuming of places.

   Even the simplest of landscapes can hold incredibly complex beauty. Along with dramatic vistas and remote wilderness, some of the most incredible scenes I've captured have been more humble. Its not all about mountains, oceans, and deserts - but also being able to see the pockets of beauty in the most unassuming of places. I hope to be able to show through my photos that stunning imagery can be found in any landscape.


   Using the latest high resolution cameras and a fully calibrated workflow, my prints have excellent color accuracy, vibrancy, and clarity that will last for many decades. I always strive to create the highest quality prints possible, and the prints I offer are truly impressive with excellent resolution and vibrancy that make the images come alive.

   I offer several unique display options that are all archival, clean, and modern looking compared to traditional framing options. I also offer loose unmounted paper prints as a budget option if you prefer to traditionally frame your print. My Fuji Archival Crystal Halide paper is an ultra high quality paper designed for competition prints and can be framed traditionally. Other options are my Chromaluxe HD Metal or Lumachrome HD Acrylic prints that offer the very best in elegant display and image quality.

To learn more about the prints, please visit the prints page.

About Jared's Photography Lessons and Post Processing

   For years I've spent countless hours in the field and on the computer post processing. Rather than just taking photos I've spent much of my time learning how to master image quality. This includes shooting in RAW, focus stacking, exposure bracketing, shooting from a tripod with a remote shutter release, and then combining all of these techniques in post processing raw files in a way that does not degrade image quality and creates a scene with an outcome that's as true to life as possible. In my post processing lessons I will teach you real world scenarios from beginning to end on several of my favorite images rather than just teaching the basic buttons and sliders. I explain why and how I do every adjustment that I do, and how it affects the image overall.

Camera Equipment

   The most important aspect of my camera gear is to be able to travel as small and light weight as possible, while having the maximum image quality and resolution for producing large fine art prints. For this reason I use Sony Alpha Mirrorless cameras and lenses. I usually only carry one camera body and two lenses at any given time. My main system is the A7RIII with the 16-35GM & 24-105G. The A7R series with GM/G zoom lenses by Sony offers the very best in image quality and resolution while at the same time covering a very wide range of focal lengths for a variety of shooting situations

About Jared's Backpacking Gear

   I use ultralight gear from a variety of manufacturers including Tarptent, ULA, Thermarest, Patagonia, and many more. All of the gear I use is prepared towards "ultralight backpacking" - staying as light as possible while still being able to go out for up to week at a time in any weather conditions before needing to resupply with food. Preparing for and experiencing long distance backpacking trips has changed the way I approach life. Embracing minimalism and learning to live simply has been a result of traveling as light and small as possible while backpacking.