LumaChrome HD Acrylic

The pinnacle in fine art printmaking for museums and galleries across the world is LumaChrome HD and FujiFlex photo papers mounted to crystal clear acrylic glass in a process called face mounting. These museum quality prints are produced using the best materials in the world and are my top recommendation for those who seek the ultimate in image quality. This fine art process is achieved by adhering a photo print behind acrylic, as light falls into the surface of the acrylic the light becomes trapped, resulting in a glowing finish that appears illuminated or backlit - especially when properly lit by Halogen or LED lights.

These prints have beautiful tones, vibrant colors, and an almost 3d quality full of high definition details. The clarity is far better than a print behind glass since there's no space between the print and the acrylic. Although face mounted prints are the most expensive mounting option, they provide masterful image quality and the most visually stunning display of all the options I offer.

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40" x 60" LumaChrome HD Acrylic Print