Kodak Endura Luster

Kodak Endura Luster photo paper is a leading photo paper for fine art gallery prints. Designed for professional use, this photo paper has excellent color accuracy and high archival ratings that will last for many decades. I always strive to create the highest quality prints possible, and these photo prints provide exceptional sharpness and vibrant color that makes the images come alive.

As my most affordable option, this photo paper is truly impressive and meets the most demanding standards. These loose unmounted prints are always shipped flat except for the largest sizes which are carefully rolled and shipped in a box. These are loose photographic prints that require mounting and framing prior to hanging. Extreme care must be taken when handling the prints to avoid any damage by water, fingerprints, or creasing before framing. I would highly recommend immediately taking the prints to a local framer before unpacking, especially if the prints are a large size thats rolled since it can be difficult to repackage.

I do not offer traditional framed prints due to the difficulties of shipping glass. If you want to purchase a ready to hang print for yourself or a gift, please consider the mounted options below which are equal if not more impressive and economical compared to the cost of professional framing services.

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20" x 30" Framed Fine Art Prints